K-Edge Sells Computer Mounts, Light & Camera Mounts, Chain Catchers, and Super Cool Trucker Hats!

Cycling computer mounts are NOT created equal

Why do Tour de France winners and World Champions choose K-EDGE computer mounts?
  • Strength- K-EDGE CNC machined aluminum mounts will not break or flex
  • Pro positioning of the computer- out-front, low, flush with top of handlebars
  • Definitive Click- you’ll know your GARMIN, WAHOO and SIGMA is locked in
  • A smarter solution- clamp, integrated, top cap, spacer above stem, combo
“The “Mercedes door click” feel and sound of a K-Edge Garmin mount does make my world a bit brighter.” Lennard Zinn, October 2017
Light & Camera Mounts
K-EDGE mounts improve onboard video footage by removing the shake caused by a lesser camera mount. Don’t risk losing your dream ride footage back on the trail. Today’s bike lights now come with a GoPro interface adapter so you can mount your light were it makes sense- out-front, centered and under your K-EDGE computer mount. “Incredible.  I’ve bought front/back mounts for every bike I have, love them.”  DC Rainmaker, November 2016
Chain Catchers
K-EDGE invented the modern chain catcher. K-EDGE chain catchers have ensured success of Tour de France, Olympic and World champions. The Pros and their mechanics choose K-EDGE because they simply work, shift after shift, year after year. But it is the general cyclist who benefits most from this “bike insurance” by making sure a dropped chain will never ruin their ride, race or bike frame.  The Original and the Professional Road Chain Catchers; Cyclocross Chain Catchers and Guides and Single Ring Mountain Bike Chain Guide are easy to install yourself and last a lifetime.




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