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K-EDGE x Hammerhead

Hammerhead Mounting System

Chosen by the Best

K-EDGE Specialized Future Mount

Zero Dropped Chains

K-edge Race chain guide 1x

K-EDGE 1x Race Chain Guide

Limited Edition

K-EDGE Max XL Combo Mount

Go to the MAX

K-EDGE Max Combo Mount

Elevate Your Ride

K-EDGE Boost Mount

The Ultimate Upgrade.

K-EDGE Integrated Handlebar
System Mount

The Highest Quality Computer, Camera, and Light Mounts in the Industry

Computer Mounts




Combo Mounts




Light and Camera Mounts




Chain Catchers








Chosen By The Best

K-EDGE has machined a reputation for quality, precision, and performance out of a block of aluminum.  Found on the bikes of more than half the Tour de France peloton, K-EDGE is the leader in cycling computer mounts, light and camera mounts, chain catchers, and more. K-EDGE’s unique advantage is its ability to quickly and efficiently turn cyclist’s most urgent product needs into reality.  Born in 2009 from the need for an efficient Chain Catcher, K-EDGE continues to turn out Pro Tour level product to solve cycling’s modern challenges. 

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